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Choosing the right e-wallet to avoid paying for transaction fees

There is a need to be aware that it is important to give close attention to such details like what payment app we use to store our funds. It is vital, as we must be able to use what we place in an e-wallet or other payment methods to make an online payment.


Making an online payment

For those who make online payments, when the process is painstaking, there is a tendency to no longer want to use that payment app or payment method because it is difficult to use. There are many bills that need to be paid regularly and transaction fees might be high. For those who make regular online payments, those transaction fees do add up. There are some that ignore it but then again, there are some who do not.

Eliminating payment transaction fees

When looking for a payment method that will help you eliminate transaction fees, it has to be the one that is suitable for the requirement. Not all companies accept all kinds of payment methods so you will need to know first what they accept. Thought the processing of the payment might be easy, there are users who take note of those extra dollars and cents for each time they make a payment. It is a must to carefully check the payment transaction fee as it is vital to managing your money. This is especially true when making an international payment transaction as the fees are typically quite high unless you are using the e-wallet of a reliable payment provider. If you are using this payment provider’s e-wallet, there are no transaction fees. 

Having a choice 

Consumers must be capable of restricting these kinds of expenses that do add up over time. When the fees for a payment transaction goes beyond a certain threshold with some companies, it might have to require approval from the accounting department. However, as a general rule, users must be able to be in control of their spending without going out of their usual routine, instead of having no choice but to pay the transaction fees.

Payment transaction fees 

Transaction fees can seem to be a small amount but if it takes out or you need to add on a certain percentage each time you send a payment, it can be quite expensive. For example, you send a 100 dollars and the transaction fee is 12 dollars. If you send a payment transaction to the same person twice a month, you would be spending a total amount of 240 dollars for fees yearly. There are times that we send funds more often than twice a month, and if you do check your transaction details, you might find out that you had spent already hundreds of dollars for using that e-wallet. 

Choosing an e-wallet

There was a time that we might have been stuck with having to use a popular e-wallet, as it was the only one available then. But, there are other e-wallets that do serve the same purpose. There are e-wallets that can be used locally and a few new ones that can be for international transactions. When choosing an e-wallet, it is best to use one that has no transaction fees.